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Books Unbound; book extracts

In this book I’m simply looking at the book binding tutorials it has. I’ve also decided to just photograph what I’m looking at and add it in here, otherwise I’m just re-writing stuff and wasting time. I will, however, write about what I’m looking at.

These are the binds I found of interest:

Wrap-around Journal

Tools and Materials:
2 x 21.6×27.9cm card (inner cover), 8 x 21x21cm paper (outer cover), 21x10cm card (pages), 21×27.9cm card (sewing station template), 10.8×22.9cm card (portfolio), 21×27.9cm card (portfolio flaps), plus the basic toolkit (mentioned in a previous blog post)


I chose to look at this bind because I’ve never tried to make anything like it. It could be good for showing two sides of a story as there are two sections on opposite sides of the book. There is also a section to add separate pages or images in to go with the texts or to provide more information. I’d like to try and make one even if it doesn’t lead anywhere anyway.

Book in a Box_20170119_150040

Tools and Materials: Basic tool kit, 19.1×21.6cm decorative text paper (book body), 9 x 8.3×8.9cm text paper (pages), 3 x 8.3×8.9cm card (page covers), 4 x 5.1×8.9xm card (stiffeners), 8.9×9.5cm card (spine), 8.3×27.9cm card (book sleeve), 7.6×8.3cm card (sewing station template) & 19.7×27.9cm card (box)


There is something I love about boxes being used for presentation; it makes the book seem more important or of more value to someone, so possibly emphasizing the importance of the subject. It can be a bit fiddly but it also offers further protection.

Sources used in this blog post:
-Jacobs, M. (2006) Books unbound: 20 innovative Bookmaking projects. Cincinnati, OH: North Light Books


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