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Creating Artist’s books; book extracts

Introduction to what an Artist’s book is:01020304
Artist’s book example: Kate Farley “Inside Out”. A flat sheet folded and relief printed to suggest the complexity and awkwardness of self-awareness. Edition of 20 (30 x 40 cms open – 8 x 8 cms closed) 

When viewed as a book, the lines and dots on the pages seem random, but when folded out they create an image. It fits the description of “complicated” and “awkward” at first, but once un-folded and open it all makes sense, just like real life self-awareness.
I think this would be a good method for showing something that is seemingly unconnected, but when together forms to make one big picture – applied to bees, you could show all the little things that affect bees and then open it out to reveal the bigger picture.

Beautiful and alternative way of signing off a collaborative (or non) artist’s book. I simply thought this was nice, instead of just signing it.


Artist’s book don’t have to be made entirely out of paper or card, as this example shows them made out of gloves. I never thought of making a book out of something other than card or paper, so this may be interesting to look at and experiment with.


Paper folding methods just for future reference~~~

Sources used in this blog post:
-Bodman, S. (2005) Creating artists’ books (printmaking handbooks). London: A & C Black Publishers.


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