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Social Awareness Leaflet example

National Trust Leaflets; text by Adrian Tinniswood, designed by Bob Linney.


A Series of leaflets from the same organisation, same illustrator and designer, looking at similar but different subject matters. Shows that they belong to a series, as a set or part of something bigger, an organisation or event perhaps. Collectible?

These are all beautifully made with detailed illustrations and hand drawn text. They’re quirky and fun to look at/read, which is perfect for engaging the audience – it could appeal to both younger and older generations as the images could stand alone in explaining each page.

The whole design, how it opens, how it feels and even smells is just beautiful and coincides with the purpose of the leaflet – it is even printed on 100% recycled paper using a limited palette.

As I am thinking about producing a leaflet/booklet for a social awareness issue, I need to consider these elements in order to be successful.

Each one is or looks screen printed so can easily be reproduced quite cheaply and quickly.
Things to consider:

  • The look of the leaflet/book
  • The format
  • The size
  • How it will be produced
  • Will there be digital elements
  • Will it be available online
  • The paper/card/etc type used
  • Colour Palatte
  • Tone of the writing
  • Packaging (if any)
  • Possibility of a series
  • Audience
  • Distribution
  • Purpose
  • All hand-drawn, digital or a mix

Lots to think about!



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