Getting back on it; UPDATE

I’ve not done any work for a while due to health reasons but I’ve been spending today going back over everything and getting back on track. Onwards and upwards from here; I think my health problems will not be problems for much longer.

I’ve began designing ideas for my mini book series “plant these to help the bees” and I think I’ve finally decided upon a design and format: It will be an artist’s book, or book of sorts, as opposed to a zine and will likely be screen printed and editioned (though I’m not sure how many). I’ve decided I’m going to try and sell them with the aim of giving 50% or so profits to a bee charity (I will need to get into contact with one to discuss this, and will also need full prototypes before sending any real ideas to them).

The books will be a continuous A0 illustration that will be transformed into a book using the “foldy” book bind. It will consist of one large layered screen print as opposed to different pages, allowing for easy and cheap(ish) reproduction.

I think from this point onward I finally have a focus and an aim to work towards. I was feeling uneasy and very uncertain this last month about everything so REALLY needed this day to just sit down and go through everything.

I’ve got a project description FINALLY: “A collection of handmade books and prints, highlighting the importance of bees. These will aim to raise awareness and educate people in an effort to save the endangered species.”

As for the title, I’m working on that. I think “Save the Bees” perfectly sums up the entire project but it is a bit boring, a bit vague and unoriginal. I think the title needs to get as much attention as the work itself does, otherwise no one would give it a second look.

From this point out, I’m going to treat this project as if it were for a real client (even if no one wants to get on board with my ideas) and just focus on producing factual, engaging and illustrative books and prints to sell on behalf of a bee charity/organisation. I can still donate the money myself even if they do not want to get involved.

Now I’ve just got to gain the courage to email people and produce work to show them! I’m still going to update this blog in a seemingly random way as I tackle through my research and discover new things.

Wish me luck!


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